Get to know more about Vimbox Movers Singapore


Vimbox Movers was started by Wayne Lee and Hakim Zaini in the year 2012. Their objective is to provide quality moving and storage services for home and offices in Singapore.

Back in 2012, our founder Wayne started Vimbox movers as he lacked the experience of a full-time job and he only had part-time moving experience. As he disliked working for others and only had knowledge of the moving industry, he took a $15,000 loan from a friend and began moving houses for a living.

Wayne realised that the moving industry then was inflicted by dubious business methods such as unreliable quotations and hidden costs. Not only that, customer service was not up to standard and there were many bad impressions about the moving industry. Agents were rude to customers, and in turn, customers had no choice but to engage them as things remained bleak no matter where they turned to. He made sure Vimbox Movers was the opposite of these practices.

He was soon joined by a partner, Hakim Zaini. He was at the time a student who was trying to attain an accounting license. He saw the potential of Vimbox movers, and decided to abandon the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants(ACCA), and joined Wayne, helping him to run the business. Soon, they restructured the way the company was being run and they grew more successful and managed to expand their suite of services. From simply residential relocation, they began to offer more advanced moving solutions.

Today, they have served over thousands of clients, and now they expanded their range of services which include international moving and machinery moving. They also offer other services related to moving, like office reinstatement and handyman services. However, they know that although starting a moving business is easy, it is quite tedious to expand, and difficult to maintain. With this idea in their minds, they continue to offer the same customer service oriented serve to their customers, and upholds the foundation of the company with honesty and reliability.

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